Algarve is the best place in the world to pass the reform

The American index that is dedicated to collecting the best locations to enjoy the years of retirement elected by the Algarve is the most affordable option in Europe for retirees. But not only.
Thousands of pensioners worldwide are researching what the Algarve has to have been elected by “Remove Overseas Index” the best destination outside the United States to pass reform. In addition to being able to live well “with $ 1,500 per month,” the Portuguese region combines “some of the best beaches in Europe” and medieval heritage.
Kathleen Peddicord, who is ahead of the American organization, which account for more than 100 000 foreign retirees to know this secret called Algarve. The cost of living is low compared to other European destinations and the visa program “Gold” makes it “easier than ever” to foreigners obtaining a residence visa in Portugal.
Logistical issues aside, the Overseas Remove Index highlights the “3300 hours of sunshine per year, more than anywhere else in Europe,” the fact that Portugal is the 17th safest country in the world and, of course, the beauty natural and cultural Algarve. “Not only will you find the essence of the culture of the old world in the Algarve, as medieval villages, ‘eurocharm’ outdoor markets and local wine, but also some of the best beaches in Europe.”
Choices of Overseas Remove Index are made from a “combination of statistics (since the cost of living to the health system)” and “personal observations of several correspondents around the world,” reads the organization’s page.
Behind the Algarve were places like Cuenca, Ecuador, George Town, Malaysia, Chiang Mai, Thailand, Dumaguete, Philippines, Medell

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