Medieval Days of Castro Marim receive 90 000 visitors

There were about 90 000 visitors to the 17th edition of the Medieval Days of Castro Marim. For four days, from 28 to 31 August, the town of Castro Marim retreated to medieval times, a creative and dynamic recreation of this era.
Were days of magic and fantastic, the latter who lived in Castro Marim. The castle and the village streets filled with mythological and historical characters, warriors, monsters, princesses, kings and queens. Social classes mingled, clergy, nobility, bourgeoisie and people lived happily amused by street entertainment, who tirelessly traveled all the stages of the event. Beyond the group of music and dance, as “Abanderados of Tortosa,” “Choral del Rei” or “Le Condor”, the Medieval Days were animated by knights, jugglers, babblers, fire-eaters, storytellers, pipers, acrobats, contortionists and swordsmen, among many others.
The medieval parade through the streets of the village is one of the highlights of the event. Every year thousands of people participate in the procession in full ceremonial attire, representing the different social classes that existed in the Middle Ages.
Another of the highlights of the day was the Medieval Medieval Banquet, confecionado this edition by a team coordinated by chef Loius Angels team.
By night, about 200 people were able to delight in the best seasonal dishes accompanied by wine, stout and cider.
A further emphasize the involvement of local associations, which explored the pubs in the castle with plenty of delicacies then menus, with special emphasis on game dishes, and the collaboration of artisans, who graced the event with demonstrations of the oldest professions in the Middle Ages as cirieiro, groomer, goldsmiths, construction, barber, blacksmith, cobbler, cooper and furrier.
The 17th edition of the Medieval Days of Castro Marim was terminated by the concert “Le Condor” and the majestic spectacle of pyrotechnics in the castle of Castro Marim.
During the month of September will be scheduled a meeting organized by the Municipality of Castro Marim and open to the entire population in order to discuss and collect all the relevant contributions to the growth of what is the biggest event in the municipality of Castro Marim and a the medieval fairs of the country’s largest relief.


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